Welcome to the boom.

We are standing on the brink of a worldwide green rush, ready to show the world how it’s done.
At GreenFarms Co, we’re recruiting the brightest and boldest minds in the hemp business. From medical farmers to scientists to business leaders, we work together with our partners to grow, harvest and extract the finest hemp CBD. From seed to soil to shelf to seed again, we are following the science of farming toward a future where we’ll go beyond organic, growing superior hemp and providing the purest, premium CBD products.

Green Farms Medical Farmer

When a green thumb
meets the worldwide
green rush.

The masses are clamoring for premium CBD products, and we want you to join us in this exciting green future. As expert medical farmers who’ve dedicated our lives and careers to the highest-quality, sustainable farming practices, we’re looking for partners who share our passion for going beyond organic.

With our GreenFarms Co Consultancy Program, farmers across the US will have access to experts who will set you up for success in growing and harvesting hemp, converting your existing crops and matching your climate, geography and elevation to the precise seeds that will flourish in your care. Soon, a new generation of hemp farmers will obliterate substandard growers and oversee a world in which everyone has access to the purest CBD products.

Beyond Organic

Going back to our roots uncovered a purer form of farming.

Seeds & Clones

It all starts with the right seeds. Depending on your climate, geography, elevation and soil content, you need to plant the optimal seed for your specific farmland. By partnering with GreenFarms Co, you can plant with confidence and the highest potential for success.

Precision Agriculture

In Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma and Missouri, GreenFarms Co medical farmers are constantly finessing and improving our growing processes. Working with our partner farms to introduce methods that challenge conventional thinking on organic farming to go beyond organic in ways that produce superior plants while protecting our soil, streams and air quality.


Hemp flower biomass has never been in higher demand. If you’re looking for hemp biomass, look to GreenFarms Co. We harvest premium biomass on our farms, and we supplement crops with CBD-rich hemp flower biomass from independent farmer partners across the country.


In our state-of-the-art lab — one of the only certified G&P hemp extraction lab in the US — we produce the highest quality hemp cannabidiol. When you need the purest isolates and distillates, CBD and nano-enhanced CBD, GreenFarms Co is your trustworthy, timely and reliable supplier.


GreenFarms Co is proud to partner with innovative brands to develop trendsetting formulations to meet the growing demand for premium hemp and CBD-based products of all kinds. When you’re looking to add CBD to your products, look to GreenFarms Co during any stage of your product development.


By studying our craft, fine-tuning our systems and evaluating how we do business, we are moving beyond organic with natural methods for eliminating soil corrosion, lowering carbon emissions and improving air quality. We’re also redefining a path for higher yields from seed to shelf and back again — for us and for partners like you.

Green Farms Co

Let’s get growing, together.

If you are interested in growing hemp or converting your existing crops, we want to work with you. All we ask is that you are as committed to growing and producing the highest quality hemp plants and hemp CBD products as we are. To learn more, send us a message using the contact form below.

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